The Brush by Chuck Millhuff

I first heard this song when I was a teenager.

The Brush

Life started out like a canvas,
And God started painting on me,
But I took the paintbrush from Jesus,
And painted what I wished to see.

The colours I painted kept running,
And the objects were all out of size,
I had made a mess of my painting,
My way now seemed so unwise.

Then I gave my painting to Jesus,
All the colours, all the pieces so wrong.
In the markets of earth it was worthless,
But His blood made my painting belong.

He worked with no condemnation,
(Tag) Never mentioned the mess I had made.
Then He dipped His brush in the rainbow,
And signed it, the price has been paid.

When I gave the brush back to Jesus,
When I gave the brush back to Him
He started all over life’s canvas to fill,
When I gave to Jesus the brush of my will.
(From Tag Once Again)

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3 thoughts on “The Brush by Chuck Millhuff

      1. I first heard it from a Nazarene pastor who sang it. He gave it to me a number of years ago on cassette and when the accompabniment track industry switched to cd I found it on that medium.

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