***This post was inspired by “Mama Coffee Chat” When she commented on my post of “Comfortable“***

If you haven’t read a post at Mama Coffee Chat I would encourage you to take some time and pay the blog a visit.

Here is her comment:

Something many of us struggle with yet it’s not a regular conversation in households. It’s probably because no one knows how to talk about it or how to teach it. Children don’t have any thoughts of this until it’s taught to them (whether at home or at school) and I wish I could protect my kids from ever having the same thoughts and feelings that I have and had growing up.
Glad you’re finally beginning to be able to be comfortable in your own skin 🙂 I have to wonder if any of us truly manage to reach full comfort?

For too long, our society has shrugged off bullying by labeling it a ‘rite of passage’ and by asking students to simply ‘get over it.’ Those attitudes need to change. Every day, students are bullied into silence and are afraid to speak up. Let’s break this silence and end school bullying. Linda Sanchez

Man, women, boy, girl, straight, gay, transgender, black, white, Hispanic. All labels, labels we attached to people, groups of people.

Schools are a great place where labeling happens, kids can be quite cruel. Name calling is a way for a student to feel superior over others.  It is also a way for cliques to form.  We laugh at sitcoms when the beautiful girls bully those who may not have the body of a perfect model.

Guys do it also, labels such as; geek, jock, nerd, and many more.  Their form of bullying can be quite painful for the reason is that it is often inflicting pain on their victim. 

All around the world at this present time the ugly head of labeling, bullying, name calling has reared itself.  It is not pretty, for some would argue they are only words, sometimes those words do more damage than inflicting bodily pain.

For me and the rest of society if we are ever going to feel comfortable in our own skin we must shed the gross habit of placing labels on each other.

5 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Thank you so much for the mention 😀 It was a beautiful surprise when I popped in for a quick visit 🙂
    And also, a big congrats on being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, you most definitely deserve it!!

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