Change Name Of Blog


“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
― Roy T. Bennett


Since I have taken steps towards change within me I have come to a new point of this blog.  That being would be to give it a new name, a new face.

So I am asking for your help with your input on what that name should be.  If everyone who reads this post would take time to answer in the poll below.

I am going to keep this going until January 30, 2020.

Let me take the time at this moment to say, “thank you” for your participation!

P.S. It was suggested that I should add another option, something more cheerful.

I have been thinking about this for several months, it felt like I was hitting a brick wall.

If you have something to suggest please say so. I am open for changes. 

Maybe add three more choices to the poll.

Thanks Chelsea!

Thank you Vee for pointing out a typo on the date!

***I am extending the length of time for the poll. To February 15, 2020

18 thoughts on “Change Name Of Blog

    1. Chelsea, thanks for the suggestion.
      Do you have an idea?
      I have been thinking about this for several months, but it began to feel like I was hitting a brick wall.
      Let me hear more of your thoughts.
      Also, this goes for others who are reading this.
      I will add more options as they are presented.

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      1. All Things Mental Health;
        The Healthy Mental;
        Hope in Hopelessness;
        It’s All in Your Head;
        Faith and Fighting;
        Scared, Scarred, Saved;
        Mind Journey;
        You’re Not Alone;
        Bipolar, Depressed, and Anxious: Everyday Tips for Improving Mental Health

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      2. Chelsea, I just updated the poll and also extended the length of time.
        I didn’t add all of your suggestions. I also learned how to let people add their own suggestion.
        I am still learning my way around WordPress.
        Thank you so much Chelsea!

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  1. You see you could change the name it not an issue but if you change your URL well that’s where you lose your well earn followers and will have to start over.


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