Great News, Hip Surgery May 3, 2021

This morning the phone rang. It was the scheduling O.R. office. It was to inform me that my surgery will take place on May 3rd here in our hospital.

On Monday I will be at the hospital to go through all the pre-op procedures. This will be around six hours of tests and such.

They told me that I need to be careful not to cut myself or catch a cold. The surgeon is very picky, if I have any of those things, like an infection, he will post pone the surgery. On the next day I will see the surgeon once more at the hospital.

I am not sure how long my stay in the hospital will be. I will not be allowed visitors, I have a feeling that it is for all hospital patients.

So dear reader, this is one guy who is excited today and I can’t wait for Monday May 3rd evening with surgery behind me. I have no idea how long it will take me to be 100 percent.

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