The Fight Of Your Life


Eph 6:   MSG
11  So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way.
12  This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels.
13  Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet.

A preacher friend of mine once made this statement: “A rose smells nice, but, when it is crushed it brings out it’s true fragance”!

No one likes adversity, yet we know it is part of life here on earth.  When I hear the word cancer my heart breaks for those facing that horrible disease.  Some of them give up as soon as they receive the diagnosis, others face it head on never waivering.

Life is not a picnic.  The folly of our youth when we feel that we are invinceable, the world is ours for the picking.  Oh how wrong we were when reality sets in.  Having to find a job, pay rent, buy groceries, and then put gas in the tank.  I remember my first time living on my own.  I rented a small one bedroom apartment.  Then rent was reasonable.  I had a job at minimum wage working in an orchard.  I went to buy groceries for the very first time and I went to the till.  The clerk rang it all through, the cost showed up on the till.  I took out my wallet, looked at my money, then almost cried for I would be left with about ten dollars which had to last for two weeks.

Hardships can do two things, it can make you bitter, or you can face it and let it make you better.  Like the rose our true sense of who we are comes when we seem to be crushed when we face the giant trials in our life.

The Christian though has been given all the armour they need to walk this rocky road.  Even when we face the thorns and thistles we still can move forward in this battle called life.

I remember when growing up and someone was going through a battle you would hear someone tell them, “keep an upper lip”.  

If you are facing the trial in your life be assured you are not in it alone.  There is one who is always right there with you.  Like the Hebrew children thrown into the fiery furnace when they opened up the furnace doors they saw four men walking around.  Three Hebrew children and the fourth man appeared like the Son of God.



Keeping The Faith


Jude 1:3-5 MSG
3  Dear friends, I’ve dropped everything to write you about this life of salvation that we have in common. I have to write insisting—begging!—that you fight with everything you have in you for this faith entrusted to us as a gift to guard and cherish.
4  What has happened is that some people have infiltrated our ranks (our Scriptures warned us this would happen), who beneath their pious skin are shameless scoundrels. Their design is to replace the sheer grace of our God with sheer license—which means doing away with Jesus Christ, our one and only Master.
5  I’m laying this out as clearly as I can, even though you once knew all this well enough and shouldn’t need reminding. Here it is in brief: The Master saved a people out of the land of Egypt. Later he destroyed those who defected.

If you are someone who likes to hear the news then you will know that there is chaos, wars, division within countries, hatred, racism, etc.,  I like to keep up on the news within different ministries, churches and very little commentary is coming from the pulpits.

It was 1980 and I had bought my first car.  I worked in an orchard and after work I would visit different churches.  I went to this one congregation and some of those in attendance would greet you by asking, “are you keeping the faith”.  At first I did not understand the meaning behind the greeting.  As I grew older and started travelling through Canada and the United States I saw first hand how many of those sitting in the pews were facing some dire circumstances and I would ask myself “how do they keep going?”.

In the past several weeks I have been going through somewhat of asking the Lord “how much longer can this go on?”

Someone once said, “anything worth having is worth fighting for”.  It is so true when it comes to the Kingdom of God and our Christian life.  It is a constant battle to keep the faith within ourselves alive.  Christians must always be diligent and be on guard so that the thief cannot rob us of our faith.  It is important to always keep the armour of God on.

True faith is what we have when ‘the rubber meets the road’.  This faith is what determines a true soldier of the cross as it brings to the surface the character of you we truly are.  I have met those who believe that we should never confess when going through hard times, never say when we are ill.  Yet, most of these talk a great talk, but, when it really comes to action the two things are completely at odds.  Someone made a comment about that type of person, “they are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good”.

The other day an old hymn came to my memory that I believe sums up of what I am trying to write about. It is “Faith Of Our Fathers”.

Faith of our fathers, living still
In spite of dungeon, fire and sword,
O how our hearts beat high with joy
Whene’er we hear that glorious word!
Faith of our fathers! holy faith!
We will be true to thee till death!

So dear reader, if you are in distress of current affairs take courage for your ‘faith’ will see you through.