Caution, May Cause Fear!

Psalms 111:10 MSG
10  The good life begins in the fear of GOD; Do that and you’ll know the blessing of GOD. His Hallelujah lasts forever!

Matthew 10:28 KJV
28  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

(Matthew 10:28 MSG
28  “Don’t be bluffed into silence by the threats of bullies. There’s nothing they can do to your soul, your core being. Save your fear for God, who holds your entire life;body and soul;in his hands

While in primary and secondary school I had to confront bullies.  In primary school I would do everything possible to avoid them.  Since I was of small frame and not muscular I often found myself at the end of closed fists.  In my latter years now I still will do everything possible to avoid confrontation, whether it is to cross the street, or more simply avoid those who are looking for some reason to cause conflict.  Yes, I do understand what it is like to fear someone, or something.

I grew up with a healthy fear of respecting the rule of law.  Not in my wildest dreams would I even imagine a situation where I would be brought back to my home by an officer of the law.  I knew that there would be consequences for such an action.

The other situation was being called into the school principal’s office and receive the strap.  This is now no longer an issue in any school system, but in my generation it was a reality.  My mother told us that if this ever was the case, that when we arrived home there would be more to face.

We now live in a generation that really has no fear of consequences related to actions that we have enacted.  There is not a healthy fear of respect of law, our fellow man.  This generation believes it is acceptable to be the bully.

Now in regards to our generation of leaders in the pulpit, the message of fearing God is far from their lips.  All messages now speak to how to increase self-esteem, how to be wealthy, and how to be our best.  The message is through the spectrum of rose colour glasses.  These messages have created a generation that is lacking in the fear of God.

If a leader does preach a message on the fear of God the critics cry that God is only love.  I agree that God is a God of love, but also, He is a God whom we should fear.  The scripture warns not to fear the bully that can only destroy the body, but, we are to fear the one who can destroy both the body and the soul.

What also is missing in the messages from the pulpits is the lesson about hell.  Yes, hell is just as real as the message of Heaven is a real place.  If we believe in one then we must also believe that the other is also true.  The message of hell is quite often spoke of throughout Scriptures.  Christ spoke of the man who from the pits of hell asked God to send an angel to place a drop of water on his tongue just to calm the fire.

This generation is a generation of “me” focused on gaining material goods for this worldly life with no thought of the preparation of what happens after the grave.


Mat 6:19-20 MSG
19  “Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or;worse!;stolen by burglars.
20  Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars.

Praying that God would make us wealthy with lots of treasure and finance is a waste of words.  When they asked Christ how we should pray, Christ told them to ask only for their “daily bread”, just our needs, not our wants.

While going through the dessert the children of Israel lived off the nutrition of “manna from heaven”.  They were instructed that they should only gather enough for one day, except for the Sabbath.  If they gathered more than they needed the excess would spoil.  The same holds true throughout the New Testament.

While I was young in the ministry I too was in false doctrine and in error preaching what is commonly known as “the Prosperity Gospel”.  I truly believe that this is another gospel.

Gal 1: MSG
8  Let me be blunt: If one of us even if an angel from heaven! were to preach something other than what we preached originally, let him be cursed.
9  I said it once; I’ll say it again: If anyone, regardless of reputation or credentials, preaches something other than what you received originally, let him be cursed.

As I grew in wisdom and the fear of God I began to believe that it was not my job to make feel good and comfortable with gaining wealth, but rather have them set the eyes on things above.  Sometimes it meant “scarring the hell out of them”!

Christ while speaking to His disciples posed a question to them, a question about what kind of conditions would he find when He returned.

Luke 18: MSG
8  I assure you, he will. He will not drag his feet. But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns?”

Our salvation is not an easy road, but rather a fight until the day we are absent from the body.  Our faith is also a fight.  We cannot be found to be complacent in our faith, but rather we are commanded to fight for the faith that was given to the saints.

Jude 1:3 MSG
3  Dear friends, I’ve dropped everything to write you about this life of salvation that we have in common. I have to write insisting&begging! that you fight with everything you have in you for this faith entrusted to us as a gift to guard and cherish.

I am now over fifty years old and no longer trying to win the popularity race.  I have decided to speak out on the condition of the leaders in the pulpit of North America.  This condition of lack of Godly fear is only growing worse.

Christ warned the disciples that there would be those on the day of judgement that they would say have we not cast out devils in your name…etc.,  The reply is, Sorry, I never knew you.  I truly fear that this will be the situation for many and there will be those who followed these leaders will hear the same refrain.

So, I would urge the Body of Christ to turn from these doctrines of the devil and grasp once again the true fear of the Lord.  Time is too short and one never knows when we will be required to give an account of our life here on earth.

Like the last verse of the Book of Revelation, “Even so come, Lord Jesus”!

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These Are Those Days

Mat 24:  MSG
3  Later as he was sitting on Mount Olives, his disciples approached and asked him, “Tell us, when are these things going to happen? What will be the sign of your coming, that the time’s up?”
4  Jesus said, “Watch out for doomsday deceivers.
5  Many leaders are going to show up with forged identities, claiming, ‘I am Christ, the Messiah.’ They will deceive a lot of people.
6  When reports come in of wars and rumored wars, keep your head and don’t panic. This is routine history; this is no sign of the end.
7  Nation will fight nation and ruler fight ruler, over and over. Famines and earthquakes will occur in various places.
8  This is nothing compared to what is coming.
9  “They are going to throw you to the wolves and kill you, everyone hating you because you carry my name.
10  And then, going from bad to worse, it will be dog-eat-dog, everyone at each other’s throat, everyone hating each other.
11  “In the confusion, lying preachers will come forward and deceive a lot of people.
12  For many others, the overwhelming spread of evil will do them in;nothing left of their love but a mound of ashes.
13  “Staying with it;that’s what God requires. Stay with it to the end. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll be saved.
14  All during this time, the good news&;the Message of the kingdom;will be preached all over the world, a witness staked out in every country. And then the end will come.

Mat 16:1-4 MSG
1  Some Pharisees and Sadducees were on him again, pressing him to prove himself to them.
2  He told them, “You have a saying that goes, ‘Red sky at night, sailor’s delight;
3  red sky at morning, sailors take warning.’ You find it easy enough to forecast the weather;why can’t you read the signs of the times?
4  An evil and wanton generation is always wanting signs and wonders. The only sign you’ll get is the Jonah sign.” Then he turned on his heel and walked away.

I truly love pictures for they remind me of days gone by.  They are a snapshot of  a brief period in time.  They allow the viewer to wander back to some great memory and even trigger a longing to go back to that time in our personal history.  Reminders of those who have left us and the special place they hold within our very being.

This article is not about a song from past decades, nor is it about a theme song from a seventies sitcom.  What it is about is a period of time that I believe we are now living in.  This is now a chaotic time throughout the whole world.  As some would call ‘unprecedented’ times. 

It would seem the world is tittering on the edge of complete collapse.  The rise of extreme unrest throughout every nation on the planet earth. Leaders with no clear answer of how to stem this rise of uneasiness in the people.

I use to feel that I would have loved to live in the time of when Christ walked the streets of Jerusalem.  However, I now believe these are the most exciting time in the history of the world.  A time where we could see the very return of Christ when He places his feet on the Mount of Olives.  Yet, I know that there are prophetic events that need to come to fruition before that great and wonderful day.

Nations feel threatened causing a build up of military resources.  This could be the preceding event that will bring forth that which John saw where the armies of the world would start to run towards the valley of Megiddo.  The nations of the pacific rim will march down a dry of river bed of the Euphrates river.

A battle that will ensue where the blood of the slain will be as high as the horse’s bridle.  Casualties so great it will take the amount of seven years to bury.

The outcry from the people of the world for peace is growing louder each hour.  I truly believe that more than likely there is already a man walking this earth who will come forward and take control.  Forming a world government.  A man as described in prophecy as the anti-christ.

We are also on the edge where the world could see a financial system that will be one world currency.  Yet, I believe from my studies even this system will fail causing a declaration where everyone will be mandated to receive a mark either on their forehead or their right arm.  Without this a person will not be able to buy or sell.  We are told in prophecy that those who take this number will be lost without the possibility of salvation.

These are those days where there will be an extreme outbreak of famine, lack of water, and severe disease.  Men will beg for death but it will not come to them. 

A time where there will be division between brothers, fathers and sons, a complete breakdown of family relations.

The headlines are already declaring the war between nations, leaders striking to death their own citizens.  Those who are declaring faith in Christ losing their lives to decapitation.

Prophecy outlining a time where a loaf of bread will cost approximately the sum of one weeks wages.

Men around the earth declaring that they are “The Christ”.  We as the body of Christ are told not to go running towards these men.  Do not follow them into the desert.  Men working miracles, but not because they are endued with the power of God.

I am not sure how long we have before the great and glorious return of Christ Jesus.  I do, however, know that this is a time to keep our records clear.  Prepare our wedding garments, always looking up. 

Yes, these are those days that Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and then the Apostle John wrote about.

For the child of God one warning, “BE READY”!

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Admonition to The Body of Christ: Grow Up!

1Co 3: MSG
1  But for right now, friends, I’m completely frustrated by your unspiritual dealings with each other and with God. You’re acting like infants in relation to Christ,
2  capable of nothing much more than nursing at the breast. Well, then, I’ll nurse you since you don’t seem capable of anything more.

1Co 13:11 MSG
11  When I was an infant at my mother’s breast, I gurgled and cooed like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good.

1Co 14:20 MSG
20  To be perfectly frank, I’m getting exasperated with your infantile thinking. How long before you grow up and use your head;your adult head? It’s all right to have a childlike unfamiliarity with evil; a simple no is all that’s needed there. But there’s far more to saying yes to something. Only mature and well-exercised intelligence can save you from falling into gullibility.

Rev 3:14-18 MSG
14  Write to Laodicea, to the Angel of the church. God’s Yes, the Faithful and Accurate Witness, the First of God’s creation, says:
15  “I know you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You’re not cold, you’re not hot; far better to be either cold or hot!
16  You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit.
17  You brag, ‘I’m rich, I’ve got it made, I need nothing from anyone,’ oblivious that in fact you’re a pitiful, blind beggar, threadbare and homeless.
18  “Here’s what I want you to do: Buy your gold from me, gold that’s been through the refiner’s fire. Then you’ll be rich. Buy your clothes from me, clothes designed in Heaven. You’ve gone around half-naked long enough. And buy medicine for your eyes from me so you can see, really see.

Let me start by making a startling statement!  The church, the Body of Christ was never promised any government rights.  The only things that were promised were given to the disciples from Christ.

The church of the Book of Acts was in the minority.  Many of the disciples had a price put on their head by the Roman government.  They were hunted by one who was called Saul of Tarsus.  The first to die from his orders was Stephen, stoned to death and while dying made a remarkable statement as he looked up into the heavens. “I see Jesus standing at the father’s right hand”.  Our first glimpse of what lies beyond the death of our physical body.  Oh how glorious!  “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor. 5:8 KJV).

My heart aches as I look on to what is happening within the borders of North America.  The cosiness of the churches with the governments of man.  Their senses have become dull.

The church in other countries meet in secret for fear of being imprisoned by their government leaders.  This should not be alarming to those in the Body of |Christ.  Remember, Paul and Silas were imprisoned by Rome.  The Apostle Paul wrote many of his letters to the churches from some dark and damp, rodent invested jail cell.

The apostle John the Beloved was placed on an island that housed convicts.  The island of Patmos.

Why should in the twenty-first century be any different?  Christ told us they would hate us, kill us thinking they are doing God a service.(John 16:2 KJV)

I truly believe in North America the Body of Christ is not prepared for what is about to come on the world.  A world leader who will demand that people will worship his’ image that he has made.  The Body of Christ will be killed when they refuse to recant the faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This will be the darkest ages that this world will ever know.  We have only one promise, that is Christ will be with us through it all.

I use to preach a sermon called, ‘God’s spoiled Brats’.  I feel it would still be relevant today. 

Let me add this warning, the government will not always be the defender of Christians in North America.  Our only defender is Christ Jesus.

Let me remind you of those Hebrew young men that refused to bow down to Baal.  The king was enraged, ordered his men to crank up the furnace seven times hotter than normal.  The soldiers bound up those men and threw them into the fire.  That night God caused the king to have a very restless night.  He gets up goes down to the furnace, has the guards open it up.  It must have been quite the thing to behold, for he turns around and asks his guard a question. Did we not cast three bound men into the fire?  He then declares that he sees four men walking around unbound and the fourth man looks like the Son of God.  Yes, it is time for the Body of Christ to grow up, get a backbone and truly trust God that this next fiery trial that is coming that God will be with us like the Hebrew men.

There may come a time like children of God in other countries, that the same will come upon North America.

Yes, I believe that there is coming a season where religious freedom will be stripped.  No more Christian television, radio, or print.

Are you prepared?  Have you the strength to trust Christ? Or maybe you will become weak and like Peter deny Christ and lose your very soul.

For me, I am willing to lay down and lose my head.  The world can destroy my body, but I fear the one who can destroy not only my body, but my soul.

So, I am sounding the alarm.  It is truly time for the Body of Christ in North America to just plainly “GROW UP!”

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Dan 7: MSG
1  In the first year of the reign of King Belshazzar of Babylon, Daniel had a dream. What he saw as he slept in his bed terrified him& a real nightmare. Then he wrote out his dream:
2  “In my dream that night I saw the four winds of heaven whipping up a great storm on the sea.
3  Four huge animals, each different from the others, ascended out of the sea.
4  “The first animal looked like a lion, but it had the wings of an eagle. While I watched, its wings were pulled off. It was then pulled erect so that it was standing on two feet like a man. Then a human heart was placed in it.
5  “Then I saw a second animal that looked like a bear. It lurched from side to side, holding three ribs in its jaws. It was told, ‘Attack! Devour! Fill your belly!’
6  “Next I saw another animal. This one looked like a panther. It had four birdlike wings on its back. This animal had four heads and was made to rule.
7  “After that, a fourth animal appeared in my dream. This one was a grisly horror & hideous. It had huge iron teeth. It crunched and swallowed its victims. Anything left over, it trampled into the ground. It was different from the other animals & this one was a real monster. It had ten horns.
8  “As I was staring at the horns and trying to figure out what they meant, another horn sprouted up, a little horn. Three of the original horns were pulled out to make room for it. There were human eyes in this little horn, and a big mouth speaking arrogantly.

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

7:4 lion … wings of an eagle. Winged figures are common in the art and sculpture of Mesopotamia. Winged bulls and winged lions, both with human heads, flanked thrones and entryways in Assyria, Babylon and Persia. Winged human figures (wearing headdresses with horns) are known as early as the eighth century BC and stood guard at Cyrus’s palace in Pasargadae. Winged creatures also figure in dreams. Herodotus reports a dream that Cyrus had just a few days before his death in which he saw Darius (then a young man) with wings that overshadowed Asia and Europe. In the Myth of Anzu (see next note), Anzu is defeated by having his wings plucked. This motif is also significant in the story of Etana, who helps an eagle whose wings have been plucked.

NIV Study Bible Notes

 7:4–7 The lion with an eagle’s wings is a cherub symbolizing the Neo-Babylonian Empire (see Ge 3:24 and note). The rest of v. 4 perhaps reflects the humbling of Nebuchadnezzar, as recorded in ch. 4. The bear (v. 5), “raised up on one of its sides,” refers to the superior status of the Persians in the Medo-Persian alliance. The three ribs may represent its three principal conquests: Lydia (546 BC), Babylon (539) and Egypt (525). The leopard with four wings (v. 6) represents the speedy conquests of Alexander the Great (334–330), and the four heads correspond to the four main divisions into which his empire fell after his untimely death in 323 (see 8:22): Macedon and Greece (under Antipater and Cassander), Thrace and Asia Minor (under Lysimachus), Syria (under Seleucus I), and the Holy Land and Egypt (under Ptolemy I; see chart). The fourth beast (v. 7), with its irresistible power surpassing all its predecessors, points to the Roman Empire (cf. 11:30 and note; in the Apocrypha, see 2 Esdras 12:11). Its ten horns correspond to the ten toes of 2:41–42 (see note on 2:32–43).

As a student of Bible Prophecy I can honestly state that my knowledge has grown over the past forty years.  Along with this growth has changed my thoughts and beliefs about Biblical prophecy.  I must also state that some of my past views I no longer hold to be true, but that would take another article.

Commentaries vary as greatly as one person to another person. 

What I  have learned to do is:

a. interpret Scripture with Scripture

b. study actual historical records and documents

c. follow the supposition from Genesis to Revelation

d. study “types” and “shadows”

e. use Homiletics

f. be willing to grow with known understanding

There are many events happening currently around our world and they need to be understood in the light of Biblical prophecy.  These events can give us a time frame of where mankind is in God’s timeline.

I know there are many out there that believe the above portion of Scripture refers to the United States of America because of the mention of eagle wings.  Maybe in my younger self I might have agreed.  Maybe due to the lack of accessibility and also limited finances and physical space.  These are no longer a factor due to the great move of technology called the computer.

Within my computer software I have several versions of Bible translations at my fingertips.  With the world wide web the ability to access all the libraries of the world for records of  historical  facts.  Even maps dating back to the time of the Pharaohs  of Egypt. 

These countries have been in the headlines over the past six months:

a. Russia (the bear)

b. Syria

c. Turkey

d. Egypt

e. Israel

All of the above can be found throughout Biblical Scripture and also find to be referenced throughout Biblical Prophecy End-Times.

The description in the seventh chapter of Daniel is a much more detailed vision of that found in the previous second chapter.

There is coming one more great empire, but it is not an empire made by human government.  It is the Kingdom Christ will setup after the battle of Armageddon.

Preceding this we see the image in the vision of Daniel come into being. A one world government, a one world financial system, and finally a one world leader.

The world will be in complete chaos, the headlines screaming that the citizens of the world want peace.  In all this chaos a person, the anti-christ, will arise on the world scene.  He will be like a superman working what has the appearance of miracles, the totality of all answers.

He will turn his’ attention to Israel and make a peace treaty with the nation.  This is the beginning of tribulation, a time frame of seven years.  Three and a half years through this man will break his’ promise.  The beginning of the great tribulation.

He will set up his world government demand that all people bow down and worship his’ image. He will rule with an iron hand.

He will give power to a world financial system where he will set in place that all people receive the mark, the number of a man, six six six.  Without this mark we are told in the Book of Revelation that no one will be able to buy, sell, or trade.

Those who refuse to worship the image of the beast and take the mark and also renouncing the Jesus is Lord will lose their head.

The United States of America are no where to be found having a part in Biblical prophecy.

Those plucked wings of that winged beasts are the symbols of Assyria (now Turkey & Syria).

I truly feel that the days of the great world powers are numbered.  How many I cannot state!  I do know that we are told to keep our eyes on “the fig tree” (the nation of Israel).

There is so much more that I would love to write in this space concerning current worldly headlines, but, that is for another time and article.

Reader, get out your Bibles, study, search out the facts.  Be Ready!



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The King’s Clothes Do Not Fit!

Isaiah 54:17 MSG
but no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged. Any accuser who takes you to court will be dismissed as a liar. This is what GOD’s servants can expect. I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.” GOD’s Decree.

1Samuel 17: MSG
38  Then Saul outfitted David as a soldier in armour. He put his bronze helmet on his head and belted his sword on him over the armour.
39  David tried to walk but he could hardly budge. David told Saul, “I can’t even move with all this stuff on me. I’m not used to this.” And he took it all off.
40  Then David took his shepherd’s staff, selected five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in the pocket of his shepherd’s pack, and with his sling in his hand approached Goliath.

Ephesians 6: MSG
11  So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way.
12  This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels.
13  Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet.

I can say of some assurance that everyone who has ever attended a Sunday School has heard the familiar Bible story of David versus Goliath.  Yes, the story how good overcomes evil.  How a little boy with five smooth stones from the nearby brook defeated what was called a ‘giant’.

How the armies of Israel and those of the Philistines were at war facing one another.  How that Goliath, a giant that stood far above all the men in his height kept throwing taunts to the army of Israel to send him a man that he could slaughter.

Yes, the story of a son of a shepherd who was tending his father’s herd of sheep and was called upon to take his brothers that were serving in the army their lunch.

How that when David arrived that he heard Goliath practically calling the soldiers of Israel’s army, chicken. 

King Saul was searching for any man that would go and do battle against the giant but none were to be found, until David stepped forward.

Laughter and snickers probably came from within the camp of the army for David was not built like a brute with bulging muscles.  The only thing we truly know from Scriptures is that David was good looking.

Saul finally approaches David and asks for his experience.  David tells the king of how he fought of a bear and other wild beasts that tried to attack the herd of sheep. 

The king gave in and accepted that David was willing to go out and fight against Goliath the giant of the Philistines.  King Saul orders his men to take the kings armour and dress David in them.

David though pauses, looks at Saul and takes off the armour and tells the King I cannot use them because I have not learned how to.  Instead David takes the sling the killed the bear walks over to the nearby stream and picks out five smooth stones and places them in his bag that is hanging at his side.

I remember the first time I truly started to understand what the lesson God wanted us in the Army of God to understand.  The lesson of how we can only use the armour that God has trained us to use.

Ephesians 4: MSG
10  And the One who climbed down is the One who climbed back up, up to highest heaven. He handed out gifts above and below, filled heaven with his gifts,
11  filled earth with his gifts. He handed out gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, and pastor-teacher

When I started playing the piano I tried to sound like others that I heard.  I would practice night and day trying to duplicate the sound from inside my mind onto the keys of the piano.  If someone would visit our home church that could play the piano I would let them take the bench and sit back down on the pew.

Finally, someone came to me and told me I was doing wrong by this that I was as good as everyone else even if I was different.

It was the same for me when I really started preaching.  I would listen to other preachers and such to find a pattern that I could use.  I soon learned however that I just had to be that which God wanted me to be.

I have watched over the years young ministers try to be like some other teacher, preacher, and even pastor only to quit in frustration.  The only thing they were doing wrong was they were trying to use armour that they had no training in how to use.

I admit I was no great orator when it came to preaching, but, there was one thing that I knew to do, that was to Study hard the Word of God.  Learn my subject inside and out, forward and backward.  When I was young I seldom wrote any notes, the reason is I never tried.

You see using the armour of God the way God wants you to takes time to train in.  Like any other talent or gift you must be willing to start at the beginning, slowly and surely you will find the armour that you fit into.

No other person will ever be a Billy Graham. There is not another song writer like Dottie Rambo or Bill and Gloria Gaither.

Several years ago I would have told that I am not a writer, but, in trying to write posts for my blog I am slowly gaining confidence that I have found my place in a style that God wants to use me with.

No, as a writer I am not Max Lucado, for there is only one of him.  But then he is not me, a person who plays the piano and the gospel organ.

If you are trying to find your pace in your early ministry I would encourage you, do not try to be like others. Yes, God gave us the armour, it is up to us to train in how to use it.  You may never preach to thousands at one time, but, you may reach thousands one person at a time, one day at a time.

We all are called to be fishers of men.

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and They call me ‘Crazy’?

Rom 7: (MSG)
14  I can anticipate the response that is coming: “I know that all God’s commands are spiritual, but I’m not. Isn’t this also your experience?” Yes. I’m full of myself; after all, I’ve spent a long time in sin’s prison.
15  What I don’t understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise.


I am not a physician, psychiatrist, or any type of professional in the medical arena.

Please always seek help through your family doctor, counsellor, or some other medical professional.

I am writing this in regards to my own personal battle as a diagnosed bi-polar person.  I am on prescribed treatments for my mental health issue.

The epistle of Romans written by the Apostle Paul has one chapter which is under constant debate among theologians, and other in the religious theater.  That chapter is the one I have quoted from, Romans chapter seven.

The apostle writes about his own personal daily struggles as a battle between two forces. 

Here is how the King James Version writes:

Rom 7: (KJV)
14  For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin.
15  For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.

This is a battle that mankind has fought since the day of it’s creation.  Good people find themselves wanting to do that which is right, but find themselves doing the opposite.  This battle will be with us from birth to death.

I can imagine that some would read the epistle written by Paul the Apostle and declare that he is suffering with mental health issue.  Maybe, suffering from the term called bi-polar, or it’s other name manic depressive.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I suffer with a mental health issue.  I was diagnosed as bi-polar just over a decade ago.  With proper treatment and proper oversight I now manage this issue with success.

I am speaking out because this issue has received too much negative press over the years because of mass shootings where the shooter is described as bi-polar.

Some of the religious right want to hide their heads in the sand when it comes to mental health.  I believe scriptures gives us guidelines about this.  Paul speaks that man is a tri being, body, soul, and spirit.  So,, when one part of our body is suffering it has influence over the other parts of our being.

I wish that more leaders in the pulpit would speak out on issues of mental health.  I do not consider myself weak in my acknowledgement of my battle with being bi-polar.  I now can battle this issue properly because I have knowledge from the medical professionals that give me care.

If you, the reader, feel you may have some mental health issues, I would implore to seek professional medical help immediately.  These issues can be treated with great success and you should not fear that you are weak, but are made strong with the influence of medical intervention.

Yes, I have even have had hospital stays while finding the correct path of treatment for me.  I now live a fuller life without the extreme swings in my moods.

No matter where you are at there is help and hope.  Also share your battle with your family and close friends.  You will be amazed how willing they are to also help you on the path of wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.

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The Fool Has Said…

Pro 10:8 MSG
8  A wise heart takes orders; an empty head will come unglued.

Pro 27:22 MSG
22  Pound on a fool all you like; you can’t pound out foolishness.

The precise wording of the expression comes just a little later, in Dr. John Bridges’ Defence of the Government of the Church of England, 1587:

If they pay a penie or two pence more for the reddinesse of them..let them looke to that, a foole and his money is soone parted.

(from website:

Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, The Marx Brothers, Jerry Lewis, and Abbot and Costello all played the part of a fool, court jester, and even a dim wit. We have all probably watched some of their entertainment on television or maybe if we are old enough on the big screen at our local theater.

There has always been the class clown who likes to grab the attention of everyone, and even though we all laugh we all think privately how foolish that person really is.

I do believe that laughter is great medicine, but, there comes a time when one must be sober in our thoughts. Now, there are some who are not trying to get a giggle from those around them but their actions do elicit a inward laugh.

Just maybe you have known someone who is ill informed about how to manage their monies.  Or because of their great wealthy gains thinks that this is intelligence, but quite the opposite.  They in their latter years find themselves in such a financial state just barely able to survive left with regrets for how silly they spent their former years with riotous living.  Like the prodigal son who asked for his inheritance and went on his way ending up in the pigs pen fighting with the pigs for a bit of slop.

It has been said that it takes an intelligent person to play the part of a fool.  That may be so in entertainment, but, in real life a fool thinks falsely that he is intelligent.  Those though who are looking at him know the truth about the fool.

A fool has a false understanding about his importance in the world.  They pound their chests with their fists and demand that others see him as an important person.  The fool always has to be the center of attention.  He doesn’t weigh his words carefully and just blurts out the first thing that seems to enter his mind, even if it is in the realm of ridiculous.

The scriptures has a lot to say about the foolish and gives great instruction for the wise.  The wisest being King Solomon.

I often think that maybe when a fool dies that just maybe the epitaph should read, ‘and the fool died’.

So when considering which path to follow I would pray let me choose the path of the wise and reject the life of being a fool.



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