A New Milestone

Today I am happy to say I have reached 500 follows.

I want to say Thank You to everyone of the five hundred one!

These last two years have been a wonderful journey. I have met so many great people, loved all the conversations through these two years.

It is my hope and desire that I will continue to meet more great people in the WordPress Community.

It has been wonderful the encouragement I have received from everyone and for that I am truly grateful!

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“I didn’t want normal until I didn’t have it anymore”
― Maggie Stiefvater,Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception

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I’ve spent much of my mental health posts discussing symptoms, treatments, breaking stigma, and ways to ask for or offer help. What I’ve been reluctant to address because there is so much stigma-and yes, many pitfalls- are psychiatric medications to treat conditions like bipolar disorder and depression. I am a firm believer in medication, when […]

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Let Me Introduce Myself


To all my follows, welcome to my blog.

This is now my journal on my journey through all aspects of being a man dealing with being bi-polar.

When I started this blog in 2011 my objective was to write about Biblical things, Scriptures.

It changed almost a year ago, cannot believe it has been that long, when I began to share my story.

A short time ago I created what I call “My Code of Honor“.  If you have not read this I would encourage you to take a moment and read it. Just click on the link above in this paragraph.

I appreciate everyone who share with their comments at the end of each post.  It is cms-265128_640through this conversation that we build relationships with one another, also other bloggers.





For my last comment let me just say,



Life In A Shoe Box


People have so many hang-ups about how other people live their lives. People always want to keep you in a little box, or they need to label you and fix you in time and location. Alice Walker
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Little boys like to collect cards, baseball, hockey, or any sports.  I am not sure about little girls what they prefer to collect.  For my daughter it was Barbie dolls, even this Christmas she received one that she has always wanted but could never obtain it.

For most we put our precious photos, mementos, postcards, and even letters.  Letters from loved ones who went to fight in wars overseas.

For me my life is like one who is limited to a shoe box.  My collection is those things that have been curtailed, many of which I have just lost interest in.  I keep them in that so called shoe box with the thought of maybe taking them out of that box and start to do them again.

Life seems to derail and our focus leans to just getting the train back on the tracks.  This seems futile when I try to get back on track without the proper help, the trained professionals.

All those things that I placed in the shoe box use to make me feel like a complete person.  Reading, music, crafts, movies, etc.,

I have put myself into one label, a label I have placed on myself.  It comes with so much baggage, baggage I should throw off and stop carrying them on my back.

Life feels one dimensional.  I know the answer, but, I do not know how to execute it.

So, a goal for me in 2020 with help from others I want to break out those things I have placed in that shoe box!

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