What To Write About?

Writing Hand

“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.” – Ron Dawson


I try my level best to consider what I should write.  My posts , for the most part, are opinions, snippets of my life, re-blogs that I feel are credible.

When it comes to medical, pharmaceutical, etc., I will always use sites that are experts in the field I am writings about. Sites such as;  Mayo Clinic, WebMD, plus many more.

Writing about my life, medications I take, treatments I have used, methods of recovery, are just that, my life.  I do not wish for anyone to try what I have used or done, but, rather always follow your Physicians and Psychiatrist.

I realize that this is just a blog, not a news service, yet, I am always prudent in my writing and analysis. 

My skill in writing posts has grown from where I started.  Advice that I have sought, techniques that I have picked up reading others blogs.  One thing that I read about keeping your post interesting was to incorporate pictures, change up the fonts, etc., in my post.

Sometimes I find myself totally amazed.  Posts that I feel are mediocre receives quite a lot of likes and comments.  The ones I think are above average receive the attention of a lead balloon.

For me writing is very cathartic, it allows for me to express myself openly to others.  Hearing their feedback is at most times quite soothing.  

I acknowledge how kind and warm those who take and share their comments, insights, simple conversation at the end of a post. 

There are many benefits from writing, but the one benefit I have notice, is that if I write before I go to bed I seem to fall asleep a bit quicker.

So, I will continue to open myself up sharing my journey on this road to recovery!  Always looking forward to hearing from all in the WordPress community!