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“Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not envy, to follow but not imitate, to praise but not flatter, and to lead but not manipulate.”
― William Arthur Ward      Quotes About Admiration

My grandmother once said, “Give me my roses while I’m living”.  How true that is!  How many times do we gather for someone’s home going thinking that oh if I had only told him/her how much I love them how much they meant to me.

This post is some things I have come to admire in the WordPress community.  I will not try to name each blogger for fear I may miss one.

So here goes.  Hope this doesn’t sound sappy!

I have come to admire the diversity from one blogger to the next.  Things like how some can brutally speak their mind.  For others how they can write a great piece of fiction.  Then there are those who write honestly and upfront about their home life, maybe exposing themselves to some critics.

Then there are the artists.  Why them, because I can’t draw a straight line even with a ruler.  Artists that draw beautiful portraits, the abstracts, and the collages.

I love having photos, those of family, friends, and even places visited.  So I admire anyone who can seem to aim a camera and turn out such beautiful photos, photos of nature, events they attend, photos of their pets, the ones of wild life.

I was never great at writing poems.  Most poems I just don’t quite get the thought that is being portrayed.  Yet, I truly admire those who put pen to paper and produce such flowing words that paint a beautiful picture for the mind.

So, hats off to all you bloggers, bloggers from all walks of life, different corners of the world, multi cultural bloggers.  So, fellow bloggers let me say, how much this blogger admires everyone of you!

Frustration Is Thy Name!


“I clench my teeth as tears come. I am fed up. I am fed up with tears and weakness. But there isn’t much I can do to stop them. ~ ‘Tris”
― Veronica RothDivergent

The word “frustration” is the first thing to come to my mind at this time.  My best friend is feeling it along with being totally bored.

Parents are definitely feeling frustrated, at wit’s end, trying to find day care for their young children.  

Businesses are looking at complete bankruptcy if they have to stay closed too long.  Some are able to keep wages flowing to their stay at home workers.  Other businesses are pouring millions of their own money to help with health care supplies, etc.,

Let me be frank, governments are frustrated for they have really never faced this type of emergency.  They are enacting measures they are not sure will do much good.  Yes, limiting the amount of travel, the size of gatherings will ebb the flow of this virus, with the hope of flattening the curve.

***There are some in government who need to take a step back, keep quiet, and if you are going to speak to the public for God’s sake have the facts.  The citizens expect their government to tell the truth, not spinning conspiracies and misinformation.***

In North America records have been broken when it comes to people applying for employment insurance.

I am also somewhat frustrated, not really for me, but for all those who have no one to go to for support mentally.  Face it, it is somewhat assuring to have others to lean on in a time of crisis.

So, I will look deep down to find my inner strength, lean on it, keep myself motivated, and just take a deep breath!

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Your Posts Are Valuable!

“I think of us as journalists; the medium we work in is blogging.”

Joshua Micah Marshall

Your posts are valuable, maybe not in the financial way, but to this reader of blogs they are.

They are a window to the outside world knowing I am not the only who has challenges in the Mental Health area.

There are many days when I sit at my laptop log into my blog and immerse myself in reading all the blogs I follow.  Sometimes I join a conversation, and most of you talk with me in the conversation.  I have found that I can get lost in the back and forth of the blogs that it is nothing for me to realize I have been reading for a couple of hours.

I love dialogue which the WordPress affords me.  Your posts gives me a small privilege of peeking into your world.  Hearing how feel, think, and your plans for your future.  I sometimes can see myself sitting having a coffee and chatting with the writers of a blog.

So the next time you think about calling it quits with your blog think of me and how I would miss your next post!