Operator…give me..

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

“Never underestimate the empowering effect of human connection.
All you need is that one person, who understands you completely, believes in you and makes you feel loved for what you are, to enable you – to unfold the miraculous YOU.”
― Drishti Bablani, Wordions

I truly cannot tell you how I miss the human connection.  It seems there is never a good time to sit and have a conversation.  Even with my close family everyone is oh so busy.  My daughter works, in a normal world there would be extra circular activities like, dance for the girls, and hockey the grandson.

I haven’t returned to my home area now for twenty years, I miss having some time with my most favorite aunt.  She was like a second mother, still is if the truth be known. It’s hard to remember a time where she wasn’t part of my life.

Maybe this being totally shut in has made me realize how much we need to have some human to human connection.  Using software to have video face to face is nice, but it is no replacement for the actual person to person fellowship.

I need somehow to find more interaction with others, even with my neighbors.  I haven’t seen some of them since at least February.  My one neighbor I think the world of he and his wife they are such a great couple.  They are seniors and always have a smile, a kind word, and once in awhile a joke to make me laugh. 

This is the third post this week where I have written about connecting with others.  When I connect with people I try to share their concerns, their joys, and yes, their sorrows.  We can empathize and sympathize with others deeply.  We can also love deeply, laugh heartily, and even cry on one another’s shoulders.  That is what makes us as humans different from all other living things on earth.

So dear reader, I wonder what do you miss the most about being able to have some actual human connection?