I Just Won’t…


“Just because you fail once doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything.”
― Marilyn Monroe

I am sure I could make a safe bet in saying that at one time or another everyone has wanted to just give up.

I have felt that way many times in my life.  One time I tried was my overdose of sleeping pills.  It was the start of learning about myself.  Who I really was, what my worth was, how deal with my emotions in a healthy way, not in anger or frustration.

That ordeal was back in the early nineties.  I can proudly say I am not that person before the complete breakdown.  I very seldom now get too upset about things.  Last winter was case in point with that.  I had several plumbing episodes, not much in the bank, no credit card.  I phoned the one plumbing company that I knew.  After explaining my situation the owner took a chance on me and allowed to make payments on the work that was done.  I didn’t disappoint him, now I have a good credit rating with that company. Plumbing and heating problems now can receive attention and I keep my composure.  By the way, a plumber in this town makes ninety-nine dollars an hour.  My one bill alone was over three hundred dollars.

I have learned over the years to take everything in steps, keep calm, talk or think it through.  It is amazing the difference doing it that way instead of trying to solve a problem when I am totally frustrated and my nerves frayed.

So dear reader, my message is clear, I just won’t allow my circumstances dictate how I act or react in any given situation!