The Change Over Is Now Active

I received such great remarks about the sneak pre-view that I decided to make the change now.

This blog’s name now is: rts

The url for the website will remain the same.  

When I take the step to upgrade then there will be a change, this however will not affect the blog.

So, thank you to everyone for your great support!  

A New Look For This Blog


Starting in the month of May this blog will be showing as a name: RTS.  The url will stay the same.  I am seriously looking at upgrading my plan to a paid one.

This change is one that I have been seriously thinking about for several months.  Sometimes change like this in a website can be detrimental.  I have been experimenting with different designs for a new logo.  

For this blog my focus with be “Mental Health”.  I created a new blog for all things Spiritual, Bible Prophecy A Study In.   For those who are interested in the study of the Scriptures I invite you to join me there too.

Now, I would like you to seriously give me some feedback.  I need all who read this to provide that using the comment section below.  Remember, without you this blog would be lifeless!

Also, I would like to say “Welcome” to all the new follows.  And a big “Thank you” to everyone!

Change Name Of Blog


“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
― Roy T. Bennett


Since I have taken steps towards change within me I have come to a new point of this blog.  That being would be to give it a new name, a new face.

So I am asking for your help with your input on what that name should be.  If everyone who reads this post would take time to answer in the poll below.

I am going to keep this going until January 30, 2020.

Let me take the time at this moment to say, “thank you” for your participation!

P.S. It was suggested that I should add another option, something more cheerful.

I have been thinking about this for several months, it felt like I was hitting a brick wall.

If you have something to suggest please say so. I am open for changes. 

Maybe add three more choices to the poll.

Thanks Chelsea!

Thank you Vee for pointing out a typo on the date!

***I am extending the length of time for the poll. To February 15, 2020