A Post Of Caution


Most plagiarists, like the drone, have neither taste to select, industry to acquire, nor skill to improve, but impudently pilfer the honey ready prepared, from the hive.     Walter Colton

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Yesterday I was hit with something that set me back on my heels. I received a message that I had to “pay” for using the writer’s material.  Well there was back and forth, I kindly asked him to notice that I mentioned at the top that it is a re-blog.  I also explained my intent was to bolster people towards his blog which I thought was full of great information.

Thinking back to my grade nine English class how it was drilled into us not to “plagiarize” other’s works.  I have never been accused of that in my entire life. I always gave credit to where credit is due.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when a person uses other person’s words, work or ideas without giving the author of those works credit. Plagiarism is seen more like an ethical offence instead of a legal one, although it can form the basis of a copyright infringement claim.

Source: https://education.findlaw.ca/article/what-is-plagiarism-and-what-are-the-consequences-of-it#:~:text=Plagiarism%20is%20when%20a%20person,of%20a%20copyright%20infringement%20claim.

So dear reader I write this as a post of caution when you re-blog a post.