A New Milestone

Today I am happy to say I have reached 500 follows.

I want to say Thank You to everyone of the five hundred one!

These last two years have been a wonderful journey. I have met so many great people, loved all the conversations through these two years.

It is my hope and desire that I will continue to meet more great people in the WordPress Community.

It has been wonderful the encouragement I have received from everyone and for that I am truly grateful!

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Small Blessings

These are a couple of good news concerning this blog.

They have happened because of everyone who is a follow or a visitor!



Your blog, rts, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 33 hourly views – 0 hourly views on average


On Wednesday May 27, 2020, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on rts. That’s pretty awesome, well done!
Most Likes in One Day
Current Record: 41
Old Record: 40


A New Look For This Blog


Starting in the month of May this blog will be showing as a name: RTS.  The url will stay the same.  I am seriously looking at upgrading my plan to a paid one.

This change is one that I have been seriously thinking about for several months.  Sometimes change like this in a website can be detrimental.  I have been experimenting with different designs for a new logo.  

For this blog my focus with be “Mental Health”.  I created a new blog for all things Spiritual, Bible Prophecy A Study In.   For those who are interested in the study of the Scriptures I invite you to join me there too.

Now, I would like you to seriously give me some feedback.  I need all who read this to provide that using the comment section below.  Remember, without you this blog would be lifeless!

Also, I would like to say “Welcome” to all the new follows.  And a big “Thank you” to everyone!

A Day Of Appreciation!


“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.”
– Val Saintsbury       Quotes For Nurses

I have had my share of a stay in the hospital.  There is one thing that made the stay endurable was the nurses on staff.  I marveled how they did their work, hour by hour, patient by patient.  They did the heavy lifting.  Yes, the doctors gave the orders, but, it was the nurses that saw to it to have those orders filled.

On the evening news last night near the end of the broadcast they showed a news clip.  It was so heart warming.  Somewhere in New York City at a certain set time in the evening people went to their balconies, stoops, and started clapping, it lasted at least ten minutes.  It was their unique way of thanking all the nurses, doctors, others on the front line in the battle with this virus.

I am thankful that we have such great warriors in medicine they are the healing hands that God has gifted.  They are there in the emergency rooms, the medicine floor, the operating theaters.

This is my way to say to all those nurses, “Thank you”!

I want to encourage you dear reader to find your unique way to say thank you to those on the front lines.  I have learned one thing about the WordPress community, they are some of the most creative people around.

So, please join me to raise a rousing clap of thunder and say “THANK YOU”!


A Thank You Is In Order


No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” -Alfred North Whitehead

Inc.com -Giving Thanks

Yesterday was quite the day for me.  I wrote the post “Your Posts Are Valuable” and was completely set back on my heels.  The response was more than I expected. For example, I had barely pushed the ‘publish’ and someone had already hit the ‘like’.

Then during the day I found people who had hit ‘follow’. I met some new citizens of this great WordPress community.

And the thrill that put the cherry on it all was I chatted with quite a few of you.  We chatted about all different aspects of life, my one favorite is children. I love hearing about a baby who is experiencing firsts throughout their first year.

I took break but I just couldn’t stay away from my laptop eager to see if there were more new comments, likes, follows.  To my surprise I spent the largest portion of the day on this blog reading comments, new posts and just enjoying pure dialogue.  It all was so invigorating!

Now for a shocker, when I sat down to write the post all I had in mind was the title. I searched for a quote, found it, then began writing.  It just flowed effortlessly yesterday.

So, I am looking forward in this year to having more days like the one I had yesterday.

Thank You!