Time Out

I find myself both mentally and physically drained. I feel the main culprit is the hip surgery because of the stress I was under and in some ways still there. It has been a long road from finding what the cause of severe pain, to the actual diagnosis that my hip needed replacing.

Another factor that is adding to the above factors is that I am weaning off opioid painkillers. For the past week I have my circadian rhythm thrown off. I am not having deep sleep and the sleep I do get is minimum, so I am exhausted during the day and barely functioning.

This leads to the reason of this post. I am going to take a time out from blogging over the summer, but will check in from time to time to catch up on some reading. During this time I will be gathering my notes and relevant posts to start work on a book that I have wanted to write since leaving active ministry.

Also, I am going to recharge by taking in some necessary reading of three new books I have. One is ” Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis: Understanding the DSM-5 by Ashley L Peterson. Another is a book that was reviewed by Ashley L. Peterson on her blog www.Mentalhealth@home.org, “Blackness Interrupted: Black Psychology Matters” by Nicól Osborne and Tamera Gittens. Then last on the list is a new book written by CNN Prime Time Host, Don Lemon, “This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism “.

So dear reader, this exhausted and drained blogger will be back near the end of August. I hope you will be there when I return!

Mental Time Out!

You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Every so often, everyone needs to give themselves a big ol’ bear hug and treat themselves to some TLC. Sean Covey
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I was mi.a.(missing in action) on purpose. I just needed to shut down, turn off, from all the heaviness happening around the world, especially what is happening in America.

The event that broke the camel’s back was the shooting of Jacob Blake. I couldn’t believe how it happened, shot twelve times, in front of three children. I am sorry, I just cannot fathom how anyone could be that cruel. The cop had his hand on the Jacob’s t-shirt.

Then I also just had to turn off all the politics, it was just tearing apart my mental fabric. I could never be a politician. It seems like you have to lie without blinking an eye.

I even shut down watching my favorite crime show dramas. I could not watch them for it took my focus back to the shooting of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, just too many to name them all on this post. If you would like to know their names, their bio, etc., you can visit “Know Their Names“.

All I did these past few days was to watch nothing the caused my brain to hurt. I just watched history style programs, like exploring Egypt, one of my favorite feel good shows is “Little People” on the TLC network.

I feel that I need to take a time out moment to refresh, regenerate my mind from, images, words, news, sounds, basically anything that required my mind to analyse something.

So dear reader I do not feel guilty about taking time out. As I am writing this post I am noticing that my thoughts are flowing freely. Once again I can focus with a laser style precision. If you are feeling mentally full of toxins try taking a time out!

There’s Always Better!

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” —Robert Frost

19 Wise Quotes For a Better Life

  • In every situation, conversation, there is likely always a better way.
  • When you spout a condemning comment, there is a better way.
  • When striking out in anger, there is a better way.
  • When walking out in the middle of a meeting, there is a better way.
  • When enraged with jealousy, there is a better way.

I guess I could list more but I feel that I have made my point.  I believe that there really is a better way in almost every situation. 

Words of anger that I have spoken can never be erased, but, instead of speaking in anger take time out, cool down, then approach the situation in calm.

Striking someone is never the correct way to solve things.  Maybe a better way for me is to just walk away quietly.

Usually after a bad situation and I have had time to think I usually will say, why did I say it that way?  Why didn’t I do that?  My problem use to be, I would do things hastily without correct thought of mind.  The results were devastating for all involved. Now I calmly think before I speak, careful how I write what I am feeling.  Never attacking the person, but instead attacking why the comment or the action was hurtful to me.

So, I am not perfect, no one is, I will put forth an extra effort to always find the better way!