Some Positive Stuff That Happened While In The Hospital

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

My hospital stay wasn’t all negative, yet there is more to tell, there was some great positive things that happened.

  • Covid-19 test came back negative
  • Tests for any MRSA (superbug) also negative
  • On a truly lighter side, I am just as smart as Donald J. Trump.[maybe I am smarter. I like to read and also believe the science]. Aced the same cognitive test. It is a test to know if there is dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. Also to see if maybe any damage after a stroke.
  • My former Psychiatrist stopped in and had a great visit with her.  It was sort surreal, visiting with her as just a patient who was not under her care. When she went to leave I made a comment, “Dr. just considered me a student who graduated”. She loved to hear all the positive things that have happened since I left her.

So dear reader I just thought today would be a good day to share something uplifting for you to enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Some Positive Stuff That Happened While In The Hospital

    1. Yes V. I woke up last Monday that I still can’t explain. I just did not feel right.
      My left hand some of the fingers were tingling. I had this thumping in my head.
      My friend called 911. I was in the ER most of the day. They admitted and I was there until late Thursday.
      What I had was a migraine, this one was totally different than any I have ever experienced. This one mimics signs of a stroke and other different ailments.
      I am alright now that they have prescribed a med for me to take if they start again.


      1. Yeah mental health is very serious.Especially battling depression the fact you keep on guard is very good because any second it can switch.Thats wonderful that you still are able to blog and carry on just like nothing has happened is truly great.

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