The Progression of a Blogger

“You are your biggest obstacle, but you are also the change that you seek.”
― Freequill

It is coming around to that time of the year where media will be doing their “year in review” newscast. They will be broadcasting them till ad nauseam.

That brings around this post and my thoughts of my progression of this blog. I remember my first post, now deleted, was something totally stupid like, “it is spring out”. I really did not know how to start, I had an idea, but, no idea how to go about it. I did not give any thought about a format and for the longest time I would change the template of the blog. My subject matter also changed about two years ago to the present topic of “Mental Health”.

Things went slower than a slug. My writing wasn’t consistent for there were long stretches of idle time. When I did write I did not know about the two powerful tools contain with “Category” and “Tags”. I learned just over two years ago.

I can remember how excited I would become just receiving a like or a follow. For each I would click on them to see who they were. I made it a habit to read their “About” page, something I still continue to do to this day. For those who are new I would invite you to read “My Code of Honor“.

I have begun to filter my Categories and Tags. I was shocked how many times I would put everything under their own Category. I have learned that one Category can cover a multitude of many thoughts, such as, “Mental Health”.

I am still not sure what the maximum number of tags a blog should have. I just try to use the ones that are totally relevant in the post.

My writing has grown over the years, it has taken time, but I find it comes with greater ease and fluidity.

So dear reader I will close with a quote!

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”Brian Clark

13 thoughts on “The Progression of a Blogger

  1. Your writing is beautiful and I am glad you chose to write about Mental Health to help get the word out about its importance; especially among the younger generation. I always appreciate your messages. Keep writing and inspiring. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.

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